Jeudi 10 mars 2011

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72. Swim area, according to relevant sources Sohu, Sohu swim prosecution case Kirin network with the latest IPR progress, Sohu tour has been the subject of additional applications for the lawsuit, claims the new addition to asking Kirin net stop operations, "Genghis Khan" outside the game , also the defendant's tort claims Kirin net amount increased to 19,063,000. nike shox July 8, Sohu tour Kirin net formal charges infringement of intellectual property, requiring the defendant to stop infringement Kirin network, to stop operating, "Genghis Khan" game, and claims 1 million, to retain a higher amount of additional infringement to the defendant the right to compensation. black nike shox Subsequently, Kirin network issued a notice in its official website, saying "Genghis Khan" is a unicorn game 600 employees, which lasted 2 years painstaking research and development from the domestic work of original online games, and that prosecution is Sohu tour acts of unfair competition. wholesale hats Then, Sohu announced evidence that the defendant swim Kirin independent research and development network with Sohu tour game development scene editor. nike shox shoes August 19, the judge in charge of the case and the relevant staff to the preservation of evidence Kirin network has been working the case into the judicial investigation. cheap hats "Preservation of evidence was further recognized firm Kirin Sohu Web infringement swim confidence, and therefore required to stop operation Kirin network," Genghis Khan "game, based on the above subject matter of litigation before the court an additional application. We just wait for court ruling", Sohu Visit the relevant responsible person said.
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71. Sohu United excitement network, excellent friends Bullock on Youku infringement lawsuit brought 100 million yuan. Two days later, on September 17, Youku to do the same in the afternoon of 17 responses, which released a statement saying the company has submitted to the Court of Beijing Haidian complaint, filed against Sohu and the reputation of the two copyright lawsuits, requiring Sohu stop the infringement also an apology. nike shox September 17 evening, bit Network Home Youku see the "sue Sohu Youku defend the reputation of" video, the video lists the contents of infringing video Sohu, Sohu, and infringement cases in recent years, closing at 9:00 on September 18, The video has been played nearly 20 million times. Struggle to start the upgrade, both belligerent. nike shox shoes Sohu offers Youku suspected piracy of 503 domestic television drama, Youku also show the evidence, the statement said the company has a copyright number of video content Sohu long been illegal play, including Youku own production and exclusive copyrighted content. cheap hats And once his former club on thin courtroom, Youku founder and CEO Victor Koo said, "To be blunt we are the industry leader, and it (SOHU) in the video market share should be very low, if it is to win, and should say that we are the ideal candidate, this should be the business logic behind the events. " wholesale hats The implication is, Sohu sue is a speculation show. ECapital the Ran Wang responded by saying "Yesterday Sohu report Youku, issued today, Youku v. Sohu, another war is to kill each other so much, as it is to scare the opposing party advertisers." Bit Network was informed that a number of recent important Youku advertisers receive e-mail in the "Youku suspected pirated" feature files. In a lawsuit, Pepsi and Coca-Cola's beverage brands, but also because of the allegedly infringing Youku page advertising film and television drama, will be sued. black nike shox Industry analysis, ulterior motives, the purpose of litigation both parties not to defeat the opponent, but a tactical and strategic. Video piracy is increasingly becoming a hype show.
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70. Netease need "World of Warcraft" the new version of save the market Daily News (press LAW Tim) NetEase announced on the weekend, "World of Warcraft" (hereinafter referred to as "WoW") from September 19 to re-start its operations in the Mainland. And measured during the different, now allows players to create a new account, purchase and recharge play time. This means that after 104 days of the "suffering", the "Warcraft" has finally started on the right track. nike shox shoes However, as the official online recharge system is not fully opened, the current players have to buy point card or recharge to formal entry into the "Warcraft" world. In the "World of Warcraft," the official carrier to the day of Zhongguancun buy "Warcraft" cards, but in four or five visits to the booth selling game cards were told not yet, under the coordination of a multi-stall holders only "get "the two. According to these point card seller said the main reason the card is just not the official opening of service, while also Yakuan into the card, so to "look at the situation say." nike shox Analysys International President of the Young, told reporters that NetEase in the channel that does not mean there is a great problem. He said that the game operators Netease has been 8 years, the channel has long been deep into all levels of city and county. Therefore, there is no problem of shop does not arrive. cheap hats In Yang that "Warcraft" has been formally charged operation, but the real challenge is the issue of its product life cycle. In Yang pointed out that the life cycle of an online game mainly rely on the information papers continue. If there is no new thing, it would be difficult to renew the old player money. In particular, to stop taking a 3-month-long online games even more so. In fact, "Warcraft" is not without a new piece of information content, and its new expansion, "World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King" (WLK) started early in the overseas operations. WLK service in Taiwan played a version of the "Warcraft" players that "almost all-new game." black nike shox Notice under the NetEase said, "Warcraft" WLK version of the game is ready, will be submitted to the Government for approval as quickly, the latest development will be in the "Warcraft" Chinese official website. This means that the approval process WLK version of the game has not started. If past experience, the approval period will be 60 days, so for the "Warcraft" players should continue to wait. WLK version of "Warcraft" unable to do so on the line, the impact of the players is still very large. According to a survey, in the "Warcraft" formal charges after the operation, 40.5% of respondents said they would not recharge the player to play, that we have to wait after playing the WLK version of the account opening service 34%, 4.3% of the players there is not like a good free state. Add up, some will not be nearly as players currently in the wandering state of play immediately. Yang said that in both players, or the terminal point card distributor for the "World of Warcraft," the cautious attitude, were indicative of the "Warcraft" needs new blood to stimulate consumption. The game is a product-driven industry, "If WLK version can not be short-term clearance to market for Netease is the biggest challenge will be." In Young that, in accordance with the present situation, certainly in revenue is not up to NetEase to agent " World of Warcraft, "the expectations. wholesale hats It is learned that hearts softened by Ninetowns operation "Warcraft" when the income projections, Netease every off day, or in a free state, the loss of daily income of 400 million, and to support the July 30 start of the free closed beta, Netease also need spending 100 million operating and maintenance costs per day, only during the closed beta NetEase to take into 50 million yuan. The two together, to the formal charges from the operator to stop taking the 104 days during which the loss of fees NetEase, estimated that only be considered within the company was over. "This is actually proving once again that the game companies take the risk of foreign agent mode the game too much." Yang stressed that in the "Warcraft" released a new version of the longer drag on the NetEase more negative. "For Netease, the new test has only just arrived."
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69. According to foreign media reports, last Friday (U.S. time on Thursday), Baidu CEO Robin Li guests "The Wall Street Journal" Technology Senior Editor Julia Anglo column text (JuliaAngwin) of the interviews, answers readers Baidu search engine, music piracy Search for a series of questions, including Baidu's long-term goals and the government on the Internet in China market. During the conversation, Baidu CEO Robin Li, Baidu's a vision that plans to build an operating system, similar to Google's ChromeOS. wholesale hats In the very brief conversation, Li did not plan to do too much to explain the operating system, but we can imagine, Baidu launch of the operating system if so, will integrate more Baidu's service, and perhaps going to be Baidu a tool used to make money. recently wrote an article on Baidu's operating system features have made the following points guess: 1, the value-added network services nike shox shoes ChromeOS Although it is a very good doctrine, but as Google itself is not a mature business model. Compared with Google, Baidu in China have very good experience in business operations, such as the famous Baidu PPC system. Therefore, if the introduction of the operating system Baidu, through a series of methods may also be charged to the user, such as value-added services to the user to provide some methods, like Tencent some custom stuff, like the charges, fees or provide additional storage space and so on. black nike shox 2, social networking (SNS) Everyone Network (formerly the campus network) in the Chinese student market is becoming increasingly popular, so many boring happy network to find a new place for white-collar workers, in a short time has become the global forefront of the site, we can see that social networking in China already popular. In China, Sina, Sohu launch of these sites to follow suit although the SNS site, but the results are poor, Tencent qq because of its huge user base, many people in the SNS with its launch of services, but the viscosity is not high. And Baidu is also not very good results obtained in this respect, then we can imagine if the operating system, Baidu launched, it will be in a strong social network in a great opportunity for change. 3, Box Computing Clients nike shox Baidu announced a few weeks ago "box computing" concept and Google dominated "cloud computing" rival, and cloud computing emphasizes the concept of integration of resources of different background, box calculation based entirely on the application. Li said Baidu launch of the "box calculation" is to the needs of all users, whether looking for information, or a request for a variety of applications, or have any other needs, are integrated into a box, with a box to meet the needs of users. Users want to do, enter in the box will get results, what other do not need to. Then we can imagine, if Baidu launched the operating system, will be integrated "box calculation" client, to bring more convenient Internet experience. cheap hats Of course, the above mentioned about Mr. Li Yanhong's operating system is just the number of conjecture, but anyway, we do not want to Baidu's products are only popular in China, Baidu also should learn how to enter the international market.
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